Today is May 20th, the day we’ve been waiting to close North Highland Ave to cars and open it to feet! Over 70 activities are now planned and with so much going on, we need your help capturing it all!

We are crowd sourcing a documentary film of “Human Powered Amusement.” That means we need you, your friends and your nine year old to help us capture what you find today on North Highland Ave. Any footage you can get is great, and on any device including your fancy smart phone. We will capture all video and photography via YouTube and Flickr (instructions below) and your name will be on the imagery and video that you take in the final video!


We ask that you upload to YouTube, tag Atlanta Streets Alive, and send us a link to [email protected] We may post these videos as they are to our website and ask for your permission to use them in our official Atlanta Streets Alive video. Please let us know what device you are using.


We ask that you upload them to Flickr, tag Atlanta Streets Alive, and send us a link to your photo album to [email protected] Please leave your name and device details in the email.

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