Atlanta Streets Alive is a first-of-its kind event in a notoriously car-centric city; we have 30 miles of bicycle lanes, a tremendous and expensive backlog of broken sidewalks, and relatively low (but growing) rates of bicycle commuting and walking. We seek to shift the current dynamic and replace it with a proactive community that comes together on a regular basis to participate in active transportation, physical activity, cultural and artistic endeavors, and to enjoy our neighborhoods and communities from a different perspective–from the street.


  1. Allow participants of all ages and backgrounds to experience our streets in a new way – as a shared, safe and active space for people in motion
  2. Improve the long term health and well-being of all Atlanta residents, regardless of current fitness condition, by increasing levels of physical activity
  3. Reduce dependence on the car for transportation and raise acceptance of bicycling and walking as ways of getting around
  4. Create a space for people of diverse backgrounds to interact and build social capital
  5. Increase neighborhood awareness, connectivity, mobility and livability
  6. Provide a wide variety of free physical, cultural, and social activities in keeping with Atlanta’s unique history
  7. Provide opportunities and exposure for local businesses along the route
  8. Facilitate greater awareness of the connections between environmental, transportation, and nutrition/food issues in Atlanta
  9. Build long-term sustainability and success through partnerships and sponsorships by like-minded organizations and businesses
  10. Evaluate the program’s successes in achieving objectives and impact on participants


  1. 10,000 people that represent Atlanta’s diversity (age, race, sex, ethnicity, SES) participate
  2. 5,000 participants meet daily physical activity recommendation
  3. 5,000 participants experience increased sense of connection and community