Atlanta Streets Alive is an initiative of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, a local non-profit with a mission of making it safer, easier and more attractive for people to bicycle for fun, fitness and transportation.

Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Staff

Rebecca Serna
Executive Director
(404) 881-1112
Keisa Bruce
Events Manager
(404) 881-1112
Jenn Graham
Development and Strategy Manager
(404) 561-2949
Leslie Caceda
Volunteer Coordinator
(404) 881-1112

About Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s mission is to make it safer and easier for people to ride bicycles. We believe this will help create a healthier, more sustainable Atlanta and allow people to enjoy a higher quality of life while improving public health, cleaning the air, reducing congestion, and building community.

We work to accomplish this by advocating for better facilities for bicycles, educating cyclists and drivers on sharing the road safely, offering programs to support those who would like to start biking, and enable those who already bike to ride more often. We promote the bicycle as both a viable transportation solution and a community-building form of recreation and exercise.

As the Atlanta region continues to grow, the challenges in the areas of transportation, air quality, public health, and mobility accumulate. If we are to maintain the quality of life instrumental in attracting growth to our city and region, we must address these issues.

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