Local businesses along the route can get involved in many different ways.

1) Extend your store front to the streets
In the past we have had restaurants build sidewalk cafes, while retailers set up displays outside, inviting those on foot to stop in. This time around we want to encourage even more store front participation, providing restaurants with resources for how to create “street food” and how to create temporary outdoor dining experiences.

2) Lead a street activity for attendees
Local businesses may decide they want to participate in the event beyond their store front. Business owners may design activities for all ages of attendees, and may want to create an activity for their specific target audience. Ideas could be a children’s clothing store offering fun kid’s relays or a hula-hoop contest. A brew pub may offer an adult field-day with fun games and bag tosses and other games that their target market may enjoy.

3) Lend us your resources for a few hours.
Given that this event will be car-free, we are curious how your business could donate parking spots and parking lots for us to use for outdoor activities. These activities may include physical activities that require more room, or performance zones, or space for porta-potties. We are also curious if you would be able to lend power supply, especially to musicians who may desire amplifiers.

4) Help spread the word
Atlanta Streets Alive wants the Highland Avenue corridor to physically come alive with people. Our goal is to reach 10,000 people on this 2 mile stretch of streets. And the more people we attract, the more visibility for local businesses. Therefore we ask you to please spread the word by hosting informational post cards in your place of business, or tacking up a poster on a bulletin board. Also if you have a community listserv or valued customers, it would be great if you could announce the event along with any special services or offerings you may have that day, just for the event. An example could be announcing special “street food” during the event. Also, it may be good to let your regulars know that access via car will not be possible on Highland Avenue between 2pm and 6pm on May 20th.

5) Give us feedback before, during and after the event
Your support is vital to the success of Atlanta Streets Alive. We want to make sure local businesses, especially those along the route, feel fully engaged and benefit from the number of people on foot and on bike at the event. Please let us know what you expect from Atlanta Streets Alive, and suggestions for activities. You can also request activities that you would like close to your business. We would also love to have your feedback after the event to help us make it better for businesses next time.

6) Become a sponsor
If your business aligns well with the kinds of people that attend Atlanta Streets Alive, then why not become a sponsor. Sponsors of Atlanta Streets Alive gain visibility in front of tens of thousands of participants, as well as hundreds of thousands of impressions through marketing on social media, advertising in Creative Loafing, radio, in print and online. Join the likes of MailChimp, Ponce City Market, Jamestown, New Belgium Brewing, REI, Inman Quarter and Steelworks.