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The inaugural Atlanta Streets Alive on May 23, 2010 attracted attention from throughout the Atlanta community, including major media outlets and reporters, bloggers, photographers and videographers, and the general public. Listed below is a sampling of the coverage and feedback received.

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Group ride around ASA bike loop by Max Brand

Quotations & Testimonials

This is probably one of the coolest ‘things to do’ I’ve posted about yet – if this doesn’t make you jump up off the couch and get out there, I don’t know what will!


Atlanta just got way awesomer…
- Michelle Marcus, I Dream of Bicycling


My hope is that this event will inspire us all to get more involved and help make Atlanta a finer place to live, work, and play
- Mayor Kasim Reed, personal letter to ASA


“This should be a groundbreaking event for Atlanta.”
- Jeannie, Lens On Atlanta


What was your favorite moment from Atlanta Streets Alive?


Riding a bike down the middle of Edgewood without a single car nearby.
- Lauren Norton Welsh


Going to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for the first time.
- Paul Schramm


Standing in the middle of the street, with nothing in sight except hundreds of people on bicycles, foot, skateboard, strollers, wheelchairs…
- Michelle Marcus


Seeing so many folks out and enjoying downtown.
- Theresa Kanter


Riding MARTA for the first time in 17 years; the clean public bathroom in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market; the clown on stilts; cool building exterior designs; Brazilian martial art; lots of police officers to ensure our safety
- Mi Kyong Yoo


Trying to hula hoop with rollerblades on.
- Court Sullivan


King of Pops at the Curb Market; strolling with family down the street; random meeting of friends
- Glenn Kurtz


Viewing Atlanta from a different perspective (while getting a healthy work-out).
- Blair Rothstein


The feeling of walking in the street…with no cars! It was so cool being able to walk on Edgewood Avenue under the underpass! And it was super neat seeing the streets full of families and people walking, playing, cycling and doing all these other activities. It was just an awesome experience all around.
- Crys Clark


I got there a couple of minutes early. As I ran along Edgewood Avenue in my barefoot-like Vibram FiveFinger “foot gloves,” it felt so odd, yet free, having the road mostly to myself in the first few minutes of Streets Alive. The only other times runners have the whole road to themselves is during a road race like the Peachtree Road Race or the Georgia Marathon. But you’re usually surrounded by thousands of other runners! However, I did enjoy seeing the crowds of people filling up Edgewood Avenue as the afternoon progressed.
- Jeffrey Lam


Lots of vendors, community orgs, and participating businesses along the route.
- Paul Black


Meetin’ all sorts of interesting new people!
- Jack Stenger


Diversity! So much of everything… I have a streets alive hangover.
- Mike Gerke


That I can only remember similing faces – everywhere & every type of person – and I can’t think of any other place or experience where I can say the same.
- Samantha Sayer


Feeling at home, happy and relaxed in the downtown area on a Sunday afternoon, whereas normally it might feel strange and empty. Everybody seemed so open and happy!
- Lyuba Zuyeva


In terms of a single moment, I’d have to say it was when a group of us were doing the participant counts. The event had just started and a couple were walking up the street alongside their 4 year old daughter (age is estimated). She very slowly tricycled up Edgewood with streamers on her handlebars and she had curly pigtails. The street hadn’t gotten crowded yet, most people were at Woodruff Park. There were no cars in view and this family just walked up Edgewood so slowly. They kept getting a little closer to us and I think were the first people we counted. It was a really beautiful moment to see the event start to happen and for the first people to be this family. For me, that’s exactly what I had hoped for and worked for… to create a safe place for people, adults, children, and families to exist in and to play.
- Katie Sobush


I liked how a group of people decided this would be really good for Atlanta, and then worked together to make it real. I didn’t know if I was going to get to see a ciclovia without going someplace else, but it happened here.
- Ali Garren Mangkang


Hearing how many people are anxiously waiting for another Atlanta Streets Alive event.
- Leslie Caceda


Other Feedback


Walking in the middle of the street was neato, and I learned I can still do cartwheels. That was fun.
- Allison Dabbs


What fun to enjoy that great part of our city and letting the kids walk down the middle of the street!!! Highlight = Edgewood Ave Market. Amazing produce.
- Becky Hamilton


The street food was awesome – healthy, international, and fun. Lots of positive energy and good vibes.
- Carolyn H. Rader


I especially loved the Watermelon Men – Middleschool boys playing Herbie Hancock, and the Dance Truck with Beacon Dancers!
- Sloane Cheatham


Oh happy day! Can we do this every Sunday?
- Maria Moore Riggs


Let’s push this event to be a weekly thing in Atlanta, it only brings good things to downtown Atlanta.
- Salsatlanta Salsacasino


Awesome day! Way to take back the streets Atlanta.
- Tracie Sanchez


This is a really big project that I can only see growing… Atlanta needs more stuff like this.
- Staci McCrory Waddle


This was an outstanding event! One of the best times Atlanta has ever offered! The Sweet Auburn Market was filled with visitors who were delighted to see what was inside… and lined the sidewalk to sample the fare from the Yumbii Truck among others. It was a “Feel Good” experience that should be repeated over and over.
- Pamela Joiner (Sweet Auburn Curb Market)


Thanks so much for supporting Atlanta Streets Alive last Sunday! As I’m sure you have heard, we had almost 6000 folks including my son and I. Even though he is four years old, this was his first experience seeing the skyscrapers downtown because usually the area is either choked with traffic on weekdays or a ghost town on the weekends. We biked from East Atlanta to the route and he couldn’t stop talking about it all night and the next day. He kept saying we got to go to a festival and we saw belly dancers and hula hoop dancers and danced to “funky” music. We ate hot dogs on the street, bought t-shirts, stopped in the farmers market bought produce and snow cones, bought a sandwich from a street vendor, and stopped at a coffee shop and had a cookie. We were there riding with him on the “tag-a-long” or stopping to enjoy the street life for almost the whole four hours. I travel to DC and Portland quite often and this was my first experience in Atlanta that approached the vibrant street life that exists in those two cities. We had a GREAT time!!! And all in all I think I spent close to $80 in businesses along the route. While I know everyone didn’t spend this much, even if they spent $20, the economic impact for these businesses for this first time event approaches $120,000. I would encourage you to continue to support this activity common in other world class cities like Chicago, Bogota, Portland and elsewhere. I look forward to the day that this is a regular monthly event!
- Ken Rose


We are not reinventing the wheel here; we are obviously looking to emulate cities like Bogotá, Columbia, but in many respects Atlanta is ‘an uncharted city’. So through a progressive moment, like Atlanta Streets Alive, we could eventually change the social and economic dynamic of Atlanta. To think that one day an individual, of any age, of any economic bracket, will be able to run, ride, skate or bike down Peachtree Street safely, is an amazing dream!
- Shannon Makaila


People were so happy, there were so many smiles. Atlanta Streets Alive was like a huge present given to people. In reality the streets already belong to the people, but ASA was that concept realized. I can’t wait for October!
- Katie Sobush