General Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlanta Streets Alive?


Atlanta Streets Alive is an initiative of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, shifting Atlanta's culture to become a more livable city - building community and highlighting neighborhood pride, providing healthy activities  for Atlanta residents and visitors, and educating the masses on transportation options to get where you work, live, and play.

Atlanta Streets Alive does all these things by removing cars temporarily from key Atlanta streets, and opening them up for people. It creates public spaces for all and helps people think differently about streets in their communities.

Where did the idea originate?


Atlanta Streets Alive was inspired by the ciclovia in Bogot√°, Colombia, where city streets are closed to car traffic to allow people to participate in all kinds of free health and community-oriented events. Thirty years after the first program, the concept has spread around the world from Tokyo, Japan to Kiev, Ukraine. Now we are bringing it to Atlanta! Our first Atlanta Streets Alive took place May 23, 2010 from 1-6 p.m. in downtown Atlanta, and we've since held over 11 events in 13+ neighborhoods.

Is there a fee to participate?


Atlanta Streets Alive is absolutely free to all participants. You can enjoy the open streets route by biking, strolling, skating, or just people-watching. Or you can take part in free activities like tango, yoga, hula hooping, break dancing and more, clustered in "activity hubs" along the route.

If you are interested in supporting our work you can donate here! 

Are cars allowed on the route?


No, cars are not allowed on the route, but most intersections/cross-streets are open for cars to cross over the route. Participants should follow all the traffic signals for their safety. 

How does Atlanta Streets Alive impact traffic?


Atlanta Streets Alive is held on Sunday afternoons, a time of the week with relatively low motorized traffic. We carefully selected this time to avoid overlap with other large events going on throughout the city, and to allow those who attend religious services on Sunday to participate.

Additionally, there will be "soft closures" with cross traffic allowed at most intersections along the route and auto access for residents and businesses located within the closed route. This type of closure has worked very well in other cities around the world. Traffic will be monitored and future events will reflect any needed changes.

What if my home or business is on the route?


Walk outside and come play with us!

Please take note that any cars parked on the Atlanta Streets Alive route an hour before the actual start time on the Sunday of the event will be towed. Cars will not be allowed back on these streets until approximately one hour after the event ends. Additionally, all driveways along the route will be blocked 1.5 hours before and after the event.

Are you a business on the route? We'd love for you to participate and help activate the street! Check out our activity page for ways to get involved.

Is this a race? Where is the start?


No, Atlanta Streets Alive is an experience and opportunity to explore! There is no starting point or finish line. Feel free to hop on or off the route wherever you'd like. To make a plan utilize our interactive map which includes activities, participating businesses, restrooms, water stations and more.

Keep in mind - traffic flows both ways, exactly like a regular street. We ask that fast traffic keep to the left, and that riders pass on the left. There are a lot of people traveling in all directions, so please pay attention!

Who benefits from Atlanta Streets Alive?


Atlanta Streets Alive is for everyone. It offers free and fun activities for Atlanta residents and visitors, turns streets into temporary parks in areas without many parks and that are not always people-friendly. Local businesses benefit from increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic along commercial corridors. Atlanta Streets Alive models how cities can provide healthy, environmental-friendly outdoor activities for their residents.

How can I get involved?


If you are interested in volunteering with this project, please fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

To add your activity to the event, please complete the free activity partner registration. If you have specific questions, email 

Where can I rent a ride for ASA?


Need to rent a bike for ASA? Check out Relay Bike Share! The City of Atlanta's bike rental program. There are 500 bikes at 70+ stations across the city. Download the app to find and rent a bike.

Did you know that Atlanta Bicycle Coalition coordinated a feasibility study that helped make this amazing transportation option a reality?